Monday, March 11, 2013

Nerium International

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•Fine Lines and Wrinkles
•Uneven Skin Texture
•Enlarged Pores
•Aging Skin
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Nerium International has been highlighted in an array of publications, including being the youngest company to ever be featured in industry leader Success from Home Magazine; in November of 2012, Nerium was highlighted in the inaugural issue of Beautiful You magazine. This weekend, they announced to thousands of attendees at the company’s Spring Bash in Grapevine, TX, that Nerium will again be featured in the April issue of Success from Home.

Upon learning that Nerium International will be featured in Success from Home again, Brand Partner Renee Girifalco shared, “This is so exciting - second time Nerium has been featured in less than 2 years! This has never been done before - we've got something SPECIAL!” Girifalco’s sentiments were echoed by thousands of others.
“Nerium International is known for our commitment to our Brand Partners,” says Jeff Olson, Nerium’s Founder and CEO. “By giving them a wealth of professional third-party tools, such as Success from Home, we put them in a position to establish credibility with their prospects while they share the Nerium story.”
Founded in August of 2011, Nerium International markets an exclusive age-defying night cream called NeriumAD. The company’s sales in 2012 exceeded $100 million according to John Fleming, Editor in Chief of Direct Selling News. Fleming announced this statistic at the Spring Bash, and the crowd’s reaction was nothing short of ecstatic. Brand Partner Mariel Filippone summed up the feeling of the majority of attendees: “Nerium is just getting started! This was one product in one country! I’m looking forward to opening other countries this year with more amazing products!

Nerium International has been on the cover of Success from home in the last 18 months!!!!


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What does a prominent Chemist, Board certified Medical Electrologist, Paramedical Esthetician & Laser Physics expert say about NeriumAD?

"I am very proud to join Nerium International. In... all the years that I have owned my skin care clinic, I have never met a single product that meets all my requirements in skin care. NeriumAD's Third-party clinical trials show that NeriumAD dramatically reduces the appearance of: *Fine Lines *Wrinkles *Discoloration *Uneven Skin Texture *Enlarged Pores & Aging Skin. My patients really love NeriumAD because this enhances the treatments that I provide in my spa & I have seen the guaranteed results first hand" - Helga Girschik, Bonita Laser AestheticsSee more

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